elkyn is 23 year old song writer and multi-instrumentalist joseph donnelly. he writes songs that are an acute reflection of his beautiful heart with carefully crafted lyrics erupting with honesty and intricately finger-picked guitars.

joseph began writing the music that would become elkyn while at university in leeds (where he now calls home), recording his songs with his brother during weekend visits to the family home in york.


family is embedded in elkyn and like a family, the songs envelope you in a trusting warmth; joseph lays himself bare, as his honest songs slowly welcome and wash over you.


joseph’s songs are a personal reflection on relationships, loss and growth, all told with the openness of family, making them an equal measure of affecting, compelling, and deeply addicting.

"Sometimes with a singer-songwriter, you can feel like you’ve heard it all before, as if there’s nothing more for an acoustic guitar to say, and then sometimes someone comes along and breathes fresh life into the old genre. Here elkyn does exactly that, he reminds me why people keep coming back to this style, and in doing so marks himself out as an artist very much on the rise."

                                                             - For the Rabbits